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Alina Garcia has devoted her entire adult life to public service and the betterment of the community she loves. She is a Florida State Representative and small business owner with over thirty years of community involvement and leadership. She was raised in Miami, where she received a first-class public education while attending Miami Dade Public Schools—graduating from Miami Senior High School and continuing her postsecondary education at Miami Dade Community College.

I aim to apply my wealth of experience and dedication to overseeing our elections. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity, I commit to upholding the integrity of our democratic process and ensure that every voice is heard.

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Alina García registrado para representante estatal
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Eliminate wasteful spending and efficiently manage taxpayer dollars
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Modernizing Our Elections for the 21st Century
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Fortifying Election Integrity and Resilience
Alina Garcia and her family Alina Garcia with residents

About Alina Garcia

Alina and her parents escaped the oppressive Communist regime in their native Cuba and arrived in America penniless, yearning for nothing except to live free in the United States. Their journey was one of sacrifice and hope, driven by the dream of a better life where they could freely choose their own destiny. In Cuba, there were no elections, no opportunity for citizens to have a voice in their government. Coming to America and experiencing the democratic process firsthand was a transformative experience for Alina and her family.

Having witnessed the stark contrast between life under tyranny and the freedoms afforded by democracy, Alina holds dear the principles of liberty, equality, and justice. She understands the importance of protecting the democratic process for future generations, ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of their community and their country.

As a dedicated public servant with a deep commitment to serving her constituents, Alina is unwavering in her determination to safeguard the integrity of our democratic institutions. She believes that every voice should be heard, every vote should count, and every citizen should have confidence in the fairness and transparency of our electoral system.

In 2022, Alina was elected to the Florida State House, a testament to her dedication to advancing the interests of Florida residents and upholding the values of democracy. With her experience, integrity, and passion for public service, she is ready to continue fighting for the rights and freedoms that make America a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Alina Garcia's commitments for the Supervisor of Elections role are centered on enhancing the integrity, accessibility, and efficiency of the electoral process.

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Implement transparent budgeting processes that allow taxpayers to easily track how their money is being spent
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Develop tailored educational resources and workshops designed to address the unique needs and challenges of various demographics, seniors, and individuals with disabilities
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Establish clear and accessible channels for the public to access information regarding election procedures, results, and any relevant updates, promoting accountability and trust in the electoral process

"Upholding election integrity and transparency is paramount to ensuring a fair and trustworthy democratic process.

As custodians of democracy, we must prioritize measures that safeguard the sanctity of every vote cast and maintain the public's trust in our electoral system."

Alina Garcia speaking to the community

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